Metropolis Dress

MAR GUIXA STUDIO’s first unisex collection for DressX is about the new era of humanity, the dystopia we are living in, and how human beings are adapting their essence by creating a soft-poetical apocalypse scenario in the metropolis. People’s style has changed towards comfort, at the same time keeping the flaming desire to wear something original that could make us feel that life has not stopped. The style of COZY DYSTOPIA can be described as urban yet elegant with a touch of paradox. Mainly influenced by the 20's Art Deco, the collection merges several artistic movements, such as art deco futurism, cubism, fauvism, surrealism as well some film references, including Metropolis (1927), The seventh seal (1957), and A clockwork orange (1971). Obsessed with the diverse and controversial points of view and highlighting different kinds of dystopias from different artists’ perspectives, Mar Guixà blends reality with art in a really sophisticated and skillful manner. Buy Here