Code of Commitment

The Code of Commitment and your pledge to be an upstanding member of the METΛFΛSH event.
I will submit only work that I've created

  • Don't post others' work.
  • Don't take credit for others' work.
  • Don't submit copyrighted or trademarked content.
  • Don't plagiarize others' work

I will send design work

METΛFΛSH is a collaborative digital-only fashion week that takes place from June 20-23, supported by Divaholic ® to support, connect and disclose 3D designers, digital artists, studios, brands and startups. As a Collaborator Designer you create and upload your 3D creations files (video and images) to exhibit during the event.

I will give due credit

If your work is inspired by other work artist or brand, make sure to give credit. You can do this by mentioning in the description. Know that work that's inspired by others may be interpreted as stolen.

I commit

  1. To formally commit to upload the digital files to participate until 05.20.2021 at the following link <>
  2. To send the digital files (video and images) within the chosen category and theme;
  3. To regularly correspond via email ([email protected]);
  4. To help with telling that you are a part of the METΛFΛSH story by delivering posts at my personal and professional social profiles.

I authorize

As well as authorizing the use of METΛFΛSH has permission to livestream my creative work for the purposes of and during the event and as authorised here. As well as authorize the use of my personal image and creations to publicize this event on any promotional material (social media, media campaigns, website, among others).

I agree

Acting as an independent collaborator and being responsible for own work. Expressly acknowledging that the position as Collaborator Designer is an unpaid volunteer position and shall not be subject to any minimum wage requirement in any Territory and not be entitled to the reimbursement of any cost or expense.