Responsive Institute of Fashion

Munique, Alemanha
About RFI
Responsive Institute of Fashion is a featured partner on METΛFΛSH® digital-only fashion week
The RFI is an immersive platform for implementing & promoting innovative, experimental, sustainable approaches to challenges in the fashion industry. The Institute's Founder & CEO, Juliane Kahl, is a designer and researcher focusing on the future of fashion. Her main interest is the development and application of new technologies to promote sustainability. As a board member of the NGO Umwelt-Akademie e.V. she promotes the development and implementation of sustainable research projects in the fashion sector and links these with environmental policy. In the course of her many years of teaching and pedagogical practice, she has developed modules and methods for national and international educational institutions like the the Academy for Fashion and Design and the London College of Fashion.
In 2016 Juliane Kahl initiated the first Fashion Hackathon in East Africa in Addis Ababa. The project received the "Better Lives" award of the London College of Fashion. Her current project, the "Material Harvesting Hack" has been supported by the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) since 2019.