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Immersive Production Studio
Meet arts XR
arts XR is a featured player on METΛFΛSH® digital-only fashion week
arts XR is an immersive production studio, by artists, designers and co-founders: Kristina Thiele, Alejandro Escobar and Chris Follows. The studio explores the potential in digital multi-user interactive environments pushing the boundaries across platforms using current and emerging technologies. Our mission is to challenge existing aesthetic parameters set by developers outside the artistic context by bespoke worldbuilding as well as making this technology more democratic for the arts by removing geographical, financial and political barriers.
Application Theme
Free For All. The SXEMA project is a group of friends who are exploring different aspects of generative design and 3D art. We developed a neural network that created generative art, which later became the starting point for our graphics direction."This is a monster inside me" - is the main idea in our collection. We are all unique. Everyone has a different background that influenced on personality standing and formed inner fears, impulses and motives for actions that are not clear to the uninitiated. We suppress our feelings, muffle colors and shades. There is a little monster in each of us. He rushes out, he want freedom, maybe it's time to release him?
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