Alyona Briukhanova

3D Fashion Artist
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3D Catwalk
Desfile de moda digital 3D
Virtual Showroom
Visualização 360 interativa de peças 3D
Virtual Showcase
Vitrine virtual de vestuário 3D
Meet Alyona Briukhanova
Alyona Briukhanova is a featured player on METΛFΛSH® digital-only fashion week
Alyona Briukhanova is the Ukrainian 3D Fashion Artist and Istituto Marangoni alumni. Comes with a background in the fashion styling and visual merchandising. Have been working in fashion since 2007, experienced in fashion design and pattern making. Senior fashion tutor at the Ukrainian Fashion Education Group. In September 2020 launched two personal projects - the DGTL stylist - and D.SAB - digital only fashion brand. Also works on building up a digital fashion art metaverse.
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