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Aschno is a featured player on METΛFΛSH® digital-only fashion week
Name: Anna Lisa Liedtke. Artist Name: Aschno. By completely leaving behind the traditional industrial calendar and its endless cycles of waste materials, we are entering tomorrow and participating in a true digital transformation. It is time to involve customers and show the limitless experience of digital fashion. Transparency is the most important factor to discover new opportunities and expand usage. Aschno is a Germany-based designer of digital-only fashion. As a conventional designer, she has gained her experience in the industry for the last 10 years. Today she works as a digital designer and project manager. Her biggest passion is developing collections to integrate digital assets into existing workflows. She finds inspiration for her own collection in early 90's cartoons with their cotton candy colors, daily adventures and light-hearted heroes. In her collections, aschno aims to explore the possibilities of digital design while also referencing the techniques of traditional craftsmanship. With her work, aschno not only wants to visualize her creativity. Rather, she wants to enable a space for creatives without time or financial constraints to make collections easier and more accessible.
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