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Meet Fiona
Fiona Mitchell is a featured player on METΛFΛSH® digital-only fashion week
I started Mumford & Munro, or Mi-Mu for short, as a 3D design studio back in 2018. Here I create digital fashion designs with a glossy, detailed, futuristic aesthetic. The name Mi-Mu comes from my Welsh and Scottish heritage, celebrating generations of tailors and seamstresses. I began my 3D journey whilst studying at the Amsterdam Institute of Fashion. I later received a first class honours degree in Fashion, and later pursued a MSc in Digital Media Design. Over the last four years I have gained experience in accessory design at Dutch label OSIER, and made-to-order denim design at renowned label: Levi's.
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Free For All. What. I enjoy most about the 3D world is being able to explore the limitless boundaries of creativity. Anything that I can dream up - I can translate into 3D. Not to mention, the innovation and science behind 3D technology today means you can start with a basic pattern block, and end up with a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of art. I truly feel digital fashion is the future, a way to express individuality, creativity and emotion.
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