Katriane Tsang

Womenswear Designer & 3D Rendering Artist
Hong Kong
Katriane Tsang participa nas categorias
Virtual Showcase
Vitrine virtual de vestuário 3D
Fashion Editorial
Editorial de Moda Digital 3D
Meet Riane
Katriane Tsang is a featured player on METΛFΛSH® digital-only fashion week
Katriane is a Womenswear Designer & 3D Rendering Artist with an extensive history of working in the apparel industry across Asia, Europe, and USA. This innovative young designer's inspiration for design comes from a passion for the purity in shape and integrity in texture, forming an aesthetic of feminine confidence that utilises clear-cut construction to uniquely accentuate and flatter the female silhouette. Fashion is for Katriane, " a means to experiment with element of semiotics in bricolage and intertextuality to generate a vocabulary where personality and identity can be freely outspoken".
Application Theme
Free For All. Memories of a Non-Fungible Tomorrow.
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